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CONTEMPORARY living means that the focal point of the house is now the kitchen.

This is central to the daily activities of the home to provide a warm, functional place to chat, watch the TV, entertain friends, or even cook. 

“Nowadays it is a multi-purpose part of the house,” said Tony Smith of Neath-based Castle Kitchens.

“In days gone by, houses were designed for dividing up the differing daily routines, but no longer. Today it is a roomspace that inspires and helps to make the day enjoyable in providing the pivotal location of the house. It is a unique space with the blend of practical living, comfort, quality design and above all, somewhere to prepare and eat a meal.”

Castle Kitchens was set up in 1989 both Tony and his associate Greg Thornton Scott are proud of the company’s reputation for producing top quality kitchens and bedrooms that their customers can be as proud of as they are. Tony said: “Our aim is to provide the highest
standard possible. The only limitation is a customers imagination. We have built our success
and excellent reputation on value for money and service, we are sure we can create the perfect kitchen and bedroom for anyone’s lifestyle.”

The first priority of the Castle Kitchens brand is to create satisfaction for its clients at
affordable prices.

As a quality kitchen and bedroom company in the South Wales area they have, over
the years, installed thousands of high quality and very affordable units.

Both Tony and Greg have more than 25-years experience each in the field of kitchen design and are only too happy to advise customers on design and choice of materials from the latest range of Crown Imperial Kitchens.

Now Castle Kitchens is opening a new retail showroom in Llandovery bringing to that historic market town a wealth of design knowledge and a superior range of furniture to make your dream kitchen a reality. “Llandovery has an historic association with the Black Ox bank” Greg explained. “History tells us that the Black Ox bank was incorporated into Lloyds Bank which gives us an historical association with the town since we occupy a former Lloyds bank building in Neath.” He added: “We hope our presence there will draw people into the town as a shopping centre while at the same time calling in to see what we have to offer in terms of kitchens and bedrooms.”

At their Llandovery showroom there will be that same commitment to the three key areas Castle Kitchens believes are essential to good customer relations, Tony says “service, quality and value for money are essential and providing these makes us successful in a very competitive market sector.


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Castle Kitchens and Bedrooms
11 Stone St, Llandovery
SA20 0BZ

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