Llandovery Town Council

In 1485 King Richard III granted Llandovery a Royal Charter which gave the town Borough status. Under this charter a Sergeant-at-Mace was chosen by the Bailiff and a second selected by the Burgesses of the town. Today, Llandovery is proud to have retained these offices.

The Bailiff's duties were taken over by the Mayor albeit without magistrate powers.  Elected Councillors represent the townspeople and a Town Clerk is responsible for administration.

The Town Council meet in the chamber above the Town Hall in what is now also the library.

MAYOR’S   CHARITY  BALL 2016 - an invitation

I invite all to the Mayor’s Charity Ball on Friday the 22nd April 2016 in Castle Hotel Function Room. Enjoy a sumptuous meal, try out your ballroom dance technique or dance to the live band ‘Free Beer’.  Various activities will help raise money for charity and it will be a time to have some fun and dance!

Tickets are £28 each and can be obtained from the Mayor Cllr. Dorothy Burgess tel: 01550 721951 or email: dorothy@broadwayhouse.org.uk or from any Town Councillor

Contact Details

Llandovery Town Council
Adelaide House, Adelaide Street
SA20 0YH

Contact: Mr SCD Carter

Tel: 01550 720432

Email: clerk@llandoverytowncouncil.org.uk

Website: http://www.llandoverytowncouncil.org.uk