There is a story that sixteenth century Vicar Prichard’s clerical career did not get off to a great start being better known for his skills in the pub than in the pulpit. However, this all changed following a revelation after getting the publicans pet goat drunk. When the goat refused an opportunity to repeat the experience, he realised that the animal possessed more wisdom than he and from that day became a model of sobriety and a stalwart of the Puritan movement. He is best remembered now, not only as an excellent parish priest, but for his writings published as ‘Canwyll y Cymry’ translated as ‘a Welshman’s Candle’ which contained verses on religion and morality and was as famous as ‘Pilgrims Progress’ in its time. The 14th century Llandingat church is his burial place and is only a short walk from the town centre.